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Divorce Proof Your Marriage

Updated: May 12, 2022

Marriage is one of the most dynamic and rewarding relationships God created for humanity. No other earthly relationship requires two people to become one flesh or has a greater impact on the family, the church, and society. Marriage is the key element in the success and stability of the family. As goes the marriage, so goes the family, and as goes the family, so goes the church. Abraham Lincoln declared; “The strength of a nation lies in the homes of its people.”

Even the church depends upon husbands and wives to fulfill their God-ordained roles and responsibilities. They are to develop godly marriages and raise godly families who will impact the world for Jesus Christ. One marriage will positively or negatively influence a multitude of generations to either love and serve Christ or reject and rebel against Him. Your marriage is not only critical to you and your children; it is critical to the plan and purposes of the kingdom of God.

Since the marriage is so important to God’s plan, Satan will do everything he can to disrupt, divide, and destroy it. John 10:10 states; “The thief (Satan) comes only to steal, to kill, and to destroy, but I (Christ) have come that you may have life more abundantly.” God ordains marriage, but Satan ordains divorce. The battle that most couples fight is not against each other, but against the devil. However, the key to your success and survival in marriage will always be your focus and your commitment. Your focus on Jesus will help you to stay committed to your spouse. Jesus provides the marriage principles, but you provide the determination to apply them.

The Bible provides the foundational scriptures for developing, nurturing, and maintaining a successful marriage. Knowing, understanding, and fulfilling these scriptural responsibilities will add supernatural strength to your marriage. Satan will always attempt to hinder your progress, but Jesus Christ is always there to stop him. Here are some keys to divorce-proof your marriage.

  1. Let God build your marriage! (Psalm 127:1). God designed and ordained marriage and He established the principles for making it successful. If God designed marriage, it makes sense that he be a significant part of marriage. Many divorces occur because people ignore God and attempt to build marriage using their own wisdom. If God designed it, He knows how to make it work.

  2. Honor your wedding vows! (Romans12:10). Your marriage is not about you. You promised God that you would love, honor, and respect your spouse without conditions. You vowed to focus your attention on meeting his or her needs even at the expense of your own needs being met. This is not to say that your needs are not important, it is to say that your spouse’s needs are your priority. Accomplishing what you promised will significantly limit divorce.

  3. Love is a decision not an emotion! (Ephesians 5:2 & 1 Peter 1:22). Loving another person is your choice. You choose to give love or withhold love. You choose to fall in love or you choose to fall out of love. God chooses to love you because He wants to and your actions cannot change that. He loves you regardless. If your love for your spouse is based on his or her performance, you are selfish and self-centered and that invites divorce.

  4. Submission is a joint requirement! (Ephesians 5:21). Submission is not just a commandment for a wife; it is a commandment for Christians. God commands wives to submit to husbands because of the leadership structure He established in the marriage for accountability. However, marriage is still a team effort requiring joint inputs to aid in its success. Husbands and wives must work together to grow and nurture a meaningful relationship.

  5. Serve your spouse with joy! (John 15:11). Joy is a fruit of God’s Holy Spirit. When He lives in us, His joy fills our lives. That joy is to be evident in everything we do especially when dealing with our spouse. Joy motivates us to serve our spouse unselfishly without expecting anything in return. Joy enables us to serve each other even in the midst of conflict. Serving your mate with joy will weaken Satan’s effectiveness and influence in your life.

  6. Forgiveness promotes freedom! (Mark 11:25-26). Every marriage will experience conflict. People living together can easily irritate each other. Inappropriate words and actions will often produce pain and bitterness, which can lead to unforgiveness. Unforgiveness can create division in your marriage and if not resolved, it can destroy it. Forgiving one another promotes freedom and enables you to grow together in the marriage even in the midst of conflict.

People take the initiative to build solid careers, but not solid relationships. They meticulously plan investments, but they will leave their relationships to chance. Humanity has put a high value on money and “stuff” and seeks to have all it can get because what you possess defines who you are. Focusing on these things will only weaken your resolve to develop a sound marriage. If you want to divorce-proof your marriage, give it your time, attention, and heart.

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