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A New Journey To Rediscover Relationships

Updated: May 12, 2022

What happens when the supernatural invades the natural? Things change. Lives can be transformed and destinies rewritten. It doesn’t matter who it falls upon; it matters how it’s received and handled. This is my story of a life-altering supernatural event I experienced in 1996. It’s a story of transformation and education that changed the course of my journey with my wife, Rene. Twenty-three years of marriage failed to produce the results we desired because we lacked any real knowledge and understanding of the process. However, this experience would launch me on a remarkable sixteen-year journey to fill in the blanks and answer my questions about marriage. This is my journey to rediscover relationships.

In February 1996, while deployed to Turkey, the supernatural world invaded my natural world to reveal phenomenal ways to build better relationships. This welcomed invasion came in the form of two awesome encounters or visits from the Lord while in a tent chapel service. Did the Lord speak audibly to me? No! He spoke to my heart and mind, but the message was clear. The brief encounters lasted long enough for him to deliver a two-part message tasking me to develop a series of lessons on marriage and family relationships and put them in a book: Relationships: The Key To Success. I felt like a soldier standing before my commander, getting orders for a very important mission. This mission would prove critical to the salvation of my marriage as well as the security of my family.

From 1996 to 2012, the Lord delivered numerous revelations that revolutionized my perspective on marriage and changed our destiny. The Lord educated me on the finer points of relationship development while empowering me to accomplish what I needed to do to prevent its destruction. Divine principles and applications led to the much-needed reconstruction of my broken connection with Rene. Since Jehovah God created humanity and designed the relationships that would connect them, it made sense that I pay close attention to what Jesus was attempting to teach me. Although it wasn’t easy to conform to some of His expectations, I know that I needed to comply in order to experience restoration. The results didn’t disappoint me.

Unfortunately, my wife initially refused to embrace His divine principles delaying our rebuilding project. However, Jesus convinced me to apply His revelations and fulfill His expectations regardless of Rene’s decision to reject them. It wasn’t easy but it was the right thing to do. Eventually, my wife changed her mind and we spent several weeks reading my latest book and discussing its content. With the Lord’s help, our marriage turned the corner and we found ourselves basking in an awesome relationship after 48 years of marriage. Now, that’s a miracle!

Would you like to know how that happened?

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