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Relationships: The Key To Success PART 2

I’m continuing my Blog on why your relationships are your keys to success. During my journey to rediscover relationships, the Lord revealed to me that there are two types of relationships. They are the vertical and horizontal connections. These connections will determine whether or not we enjoy or despise life.

Vertical relationships connect God with the people He created. I believe that God desired a people to interact and converse with through meaningful and rewarding connections. As a relational God, He wanted to spend time with His creation and bless them with His goodness, grace and mercy. Jeremiah 30:22 states: “You shall be my people and I will be your God.” That statement speaks volumes about our Father God’s desire to connect with us.

Through vertical relationships, we can talk with God, spend time with Him, and share our lives with Him as we live in His presence. The Lord is near to all who desire to be near Him. We can enjoy His spiritual, physical, mental, and financial blessings because we can have access to the resources of heaven. What an incredible thought! When we develop meaningful relationships with Jesus Christ, He gives us full access to awesome promises and phenomenal blessings only He can provide.

You can be God’s friend (Isaiah 41:8 & James 2:23) and fellowship with Him (Revelations 3:20). You can have your needs & desires provided according to Philippians 4:19 & Psalm 37:4. You can enjoy an abundant life every day (John 10:10) and you can spend an eternity in heaven with Jesus Christ, our Savior (John 3:15). How is this possible? It’s possible because God loves YOU.

On the other hand, horizontal relationships connect us with the people God created. He not only created us to connect with Him, He created us to connect with other people through a variety of relationships. The more intimate connections could include marriages, families, friends, and church families. Other less intimate connections would include neighbors, classmates, co-workers, barbers, beauticians, etc.

I believe that humans possess at least two significant needs that must be filled. First of all, we need to feel that we are accepted by God and others. Secondly, we need to know that we belong as part of a family or group of people. Meaningful relationships enable us to feel secure in our interaction with others and know that we can depend on them. Acceptance and belonging helps us to work together with others to accomplish dreams and achieve goals.

Through a marriage connection, we connect our lives with a spouse and work together to develop a meaningful relationship. Together, husbands and wives can grow and develop their children helping them to become productive adults. We can help to promote the kingdom of God on earth and experience the joy of accomplishments through our relationships.

Through friendships, we can work together to accomplish tasks that make each of our lives better. Since no person is an island, we need to connect with people to facilitate an enjoyable life, to help us to enjoy our journey. For instance, students need teachers, trainees need instructors, congregations need pastors, followers need leaders, and businesses need customers. Relationships help the world to function as God intended.

Did know that relationships can enhance your health? In a Psychology Today article by Camille Chatterjee, May/June 1999, she declares; “Facing a barrage of major stressors like getting fired or divorced can permanently alter your cardiovascular system. But whether you face the risk of heart disease down the road may be a matter of who your friends are. The more pals (relationships) you have, the better you are protected from illness.” That's interesting.

Meaningful connections can revolutionize our lives by providing us with God’s love, joy, peace, contentment, and satisfaction. We can enjoy life when we have those types of relationships even though we sometime face painful issues and challenges. No one is exempt from life’s challenges, but relationships can surely lessen the pain. Conversely, troubled connections can easily produce worry, stress, anxiety, and frustration. So, which will you choose? Proverbs 17:22 states: “A cheerful heart does good like medicine, but a broken spirit makes one sick.”

So, why are relationships our keys to success? They just make life better. Love, joy, peace, unity, companionship, belonging, stability, and fellowship are more valuable than money or stuff. If you believe that relationships are the keys to your success, I suggested that you get connected, make them great, and enjoy your journey through life.

Source: Relationships: The Key To Success, can be purchased via the Book/Order Page on my website.

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