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Marriage Is A Key Relationship

Updated: May 12, 2022

Marriage is a key connection because of what it means to us and what it can accomplish. It’s the only earthly relationship where two people make a lifelong promise to develop a lifelong connection. Husbands and wives vow to work together to create an environment conducive to love, honor, & respect in the home. That environment becomes the fortress of solitude for nurturing a marriage connection and raising a godly generation. Husbands and wives must learn to live together, work together, share together, pray together & love together in order to stay together. The strength and integrity of the marriage produces a connection that will survive life's unsettling issues and challenges.

In addition. the marriage connection is extremely important to God's kingdom on earth. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden, all hell literally broke loose on the earth. Satan robbed humanity of its authority and proceeded to destroy God’s plan. Since he couldn't defeat the Lord, he targeted the institution of marriage. He did so in an attempt to block or disrupt the procreation of godly generations. One reason that marriages are so difficult to develop and maintain is because Satan hates your marriage and will attack it with a vengeance. He knows that if marriages are successful, his kingdom will fall.

Another reason that marriage faces overwhelming challenges is because of human pride and arrogance. Pride & arrogance drove Satan to challenge the authority of God. Today, that same pride and arrogance drives husbands and wives challenge God’s institution of marriage. This connection was never designed to fulfill an individual’s wants and desires or create a domain where man ruled supreme. It's God’s idea and His plan to connect husbands and wives in a meaningful relationship that promotes a Christian lifestyle.

Your marriage is a unique connection that requires your undivided attention and God's principles and applications to succeed. It's an intimate relationship that encourages husbands and wives to develop an unbreakable union that weathers any storms. They must follow God's blueprint in order to build a strong relationship that Satan can't destroy. They must have the Right Foundation that is built upon Jesus Christ. That must possess the Right Attitude that governs their words and actions. They must embrace the Right Love that motivates them to fulfill their vows and respect each other. They are two people learning to live together in one relationship.

Husbands and wives must succeed in their endeavor to build a meaningful and enjoyable marriage. Marriage is important because it affects the lives of other people. God depends on your success because what you do impacts His kingdom on earth. Your children depend on your success because it impacts their future. Society depends on your success because it impacts the safety and security of day to day life. You depend on your success because you live in your marriage every day. Remember, life is all about relationships and relationships are all about life (Revelation #1). It's your marriage, so you make it great and enjoy your journey.

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