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Relationships Are Important

Updated: May 12, 2022

Have you ever thought about why relationships are so important?

I never really consider that question until the Lord interrupted my life in 1996 while deployed to Turkey with the Air Force. It's there He commissioned me to write about relationships. It was a powerful encounter that launched me on a 16-year journey to rediscover the dynamics of relationships. Did the Lord speak to me audibly? NO! However, He spoke to my heart and mind in such a powerful way that I knew He had something important to tell me, so I listened carefully to His words.

My journey was filled with numerous revelations or divinely inspired instructions that proved life-changing for Rene, me and my marriage. Jesus revealed His perspective on marriage which differed greatly from mine, correcting my distorted view of a powerful connection. So, for 16 plus-years, I sat at the feet of the master instructor and received a divine education on the finer points of relationship development.

His first revelation, which set the stage for my education, exploded in my spirit when He said: Life is all about Relationships and Relationships are all about life. I thought, what does that mean? He proceeded to tell me that everything we do in life has a relationship attached to it. We need relationships to grow and learn as children, teenagers, and young adults. We need connections with others to teach us how walk, talk, hit a baseball, play a piano, add, subtract and multiply, drive a car, etc. We need relationships to assist us in learning how do a menagerie of things as we grow. Last but not least, we need some serious connections to help us develop meaningful marriages and families. All of these connections can enhance our lives in meaningful ways and make our journeys through life much more enjoyable.

Why are relationships so important? We are a relational people created by a relational God. I believe that our Creator carefully put within our DNA the desire and motivation to connect with Him and other people. WHY? We need relationships. We can’t exist without relationships. We can’t enjoy our existence without relationships. We can’t fulfill God’s plan for us without relationships. We can’t accomplish anything worth having without relationships. So, are they important? You bet they are.

Our vertical connections with Jesus Christ and our horizontal connections with people provide many opportunities to share our lives with the Creator and the people He created. Think about it, we go to work or school, but we live in our relationships. We do a lot of activities outside the home, but it’s in our home environment that we exist and grow in our connections with family. We pursue life’s goals with the assistance of family, friends, teachers, business associates and yes even Jesus Christ. I believe that God intentionally designed relationships this way to ensure that we interact with others so we can pursue and achieve life’s dreams, goals, and aspirations together.

Thinking back on your past, did you ever accomplish anything by yourself without the assistance of God or other people? I don’t think so, and neither did I. I learned how to play baseball, fish, hunt, drive a truck and a tractor, grow a garden, milk a cow, shot a gun, skin a squirrel, and many other things with the help of my dad. I graduated high school and college with the help of my teachers and professors. I received my military education in basic training and officer’s school and served over 24 years in the United States Air Force because of some key connections with some awesome people. On my current journey, I’m learning how to rebuild my fractured marriage with Rene because Jesus stepped in and provided His perspective on the marriage connection.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Creator wants you and I to enjoy life on this planet because He designed relationships to connect us together. No man is an island! Through you connections, you can experience the love, joy, and peace that every person desires to possess. You can wake up each day and know that you don’t have to face the day alone. Even though you still wrestle with life’s issues and challenges, you can have some special people to come along side to help you to weather the storms. Those storms can often be intense and overwhelming, but you can overcome them by faith in your vertical and horizontal connections. You can navigate life successfully and enjoy the ride if you’ll focus on developing and maintaining strong and meaningful relationships. You can make them great!

Life is all about relationships and relationships are all about life!

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